Albany Wine & Chocolate Festival
The Desmond Hotel, 660 Albany Shaker Road, Albany, NY 12211

Saturday, February 10, 2024
1-4pm | 5-8pm

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Join us, as we celebrate great wines and sweets from down the street and around New York!

The Wine and Chocolate Festival returns to the Desmond Hotel in Albany on Saturday, February 10, 2024. Wineries and wine enthusiasts from across the region will gather for  unlimited samples while enjoying the wonderful winding layout this beautiful hotel offers the event vendors.  After enjoying the samples, attendees will have the opportunity to purchase bottles of their favorites, all at a great price!  Distilleries and cideries will also be on-site offering free samples and bottles to sell as well.  All samples and the souvenir wine glass are FREE with your paid admission.  Shop your way through a fabulous selection of tasty nibbles and treats, chocolates, cheeses, and sweets!  Take a stroll through our Chocolate Bar and then get some serious retail therapy done. Follow us on Facebook at @ILOVENYWINE for updates!



Winery Participants

Ferreira- Carpenter

The Cape Winery

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Vendor Participants

Pure Romance

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Wine Pickup

Wine Pickup

As a courtesy to our guests we offer a centralized Wine Check service. It works just like a coat check at a restaurant. If you wish, you can bring your purchases to our Wine Check area and we will hold it for you. We will provide you with a two-part wine label. When you drop off your purchase, please make sure you fill out both halves of the label. You should put one label on your purchase and keep the other half as your receipt.

Use of the Wine Check Service is completely voluntary. You are welcome to carry your purchases with you, but if you would like us to hold your purchases until you are ready to leave, we are happy to assist you. The Wine Check area is for wine purchases ONLY and cannot be used for other goods. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact a staff member. If you choose to carry your wine purchases with you, we remind you that New York State law prohibits you from opening wine bottles and drinking the wine on-site. The Wine and Chocolate Festival is not responsible for wine that is not picked up or misplaced because labels were not filled out completely or improperly attached to packages.

Festival Goer FAQ

Anyone is allowed to attend. However, you may only purchase a Wine Samplers ticket if you are 21 or older. ID will be required at the door and all attendees will be checked and wrist banded accordingly. We offer a discounted Designated Driver/Under 21 tickets online and at the door, unless the show is sold out.

Your ticket price for Wine Samplers includes unlimited sampling of wines, plus a special chocolate surprise. We will provide you with a wine glass to use for your samples. You'll be able to buy wine at a great festival price! Many vendors also offer nibbles of their products too, so you can sample and purchase their food items. We will also offer Designated Drivers bottled water and a wine glass on their way out!

Our shows have typically sold out in advance, so we suggest you buy your tickets early. Most shows offer two sessions, to help reduce crowding and ensure a fun experience for everyone. Please check the specific show location to find out the status of ticket sales.

Yes. When purchasing your tickets online, be sure to choose "MOBILE" as your delivery method.

We don't specifically forbid children from attending, but this is not a family focused event. We encourage you to leave the kids and strollers at home (with appropriate child care, of course). Make it a fun time for yourself!

You'll be able to enjoy the free samples and buy bottles of your favorites. We offer a "wine check" so you can store your purchases while you enjoy the festival. Please remember - state law prevents you from opening the bottles on site.

Tickets are non-refundable, so you can gift your ticket to someone else to enjoy the fun!

Tickets for Wine Samplers are $35 in advance online via the website, plus the online ticketing convenience fees. Tickets will be more at the door. Designated Driver tickets are $20

Vendor FAQ

Please download the forms on this website and return with your credit card payment or check. The email address and mailing address are located on the form. Please feel free to call us with any questions at 315-471-9597.

Absolutely! We strongly encourage you to sell your products. You keep all the money and pay state tax as you normally would. If you are a winery/distillery/cidery you may sell bottles, if you have all the proper permitting.

Unfortunately, no cooking onsite is allowed. You may reheat your food. Please ask us if you need more information.

If you are a food vendor, we STRONGLY suggest that you offer small samples, which will greatly increase your sales. The vendors who sample always have a more productive show than the ones who don’t.

Yes, we provide one 110 outlet per vendor at no extra charge. If you need more power or 220 power, there will be an additional charge. Please let us know in advance if you do need more power so we can be prepared. Please call us so we can provide you with specific pricing information for your venue.

At most of our venues, wifi is available. But please check with us first. If wifi is available, we will provide you with the necessary passcode.

All alcohol vendors must provide liquor liability insurance to Galaxy Events or Big Dog Events. In addition, you might be asked to add the venue and our sponsors as additionally insured. This specific information will be sent to you once you register. Also - please make sure to apply for and receive any necessary Department of Health permits required in the county.

If you need to cancel at least 14 days in advance, we will refund your money. If we can fill your spot after that deadline, we will refund your money. Or, we will be happy to use your payment to hold a spot in one of our other Wine and Chocolate Festivals.

Load in will begin at 9 am the day of the show. All of your booth items must be removed immediately after the show. If you need to deliver, drop off or pick items before or after that time, please contact us in advance to make special arrangements. We also advise you to bring a cart/dolly to assist in load-in, load-out.

No, we will provide all wine samplers a glass with their admission. Designated Drivers will receive an alternate premium item.

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1-4 pm or 5-8 pm - Advance Admission $35
This ticket will get you a free commemorative wine glass to enjoy unlimited wine samples and distillery samples. Additionally, you will also receive a special ticket to take a trip thru the "Chocolate Bar". You'll also be able to immerse yourself within the beautiful Van Gogh exhibit while enjoying the festival!

1-4 pm or 5-8 pm - Designated Driver $20
This ticket is for anyone under 21 years of age, or those who choose not to sample the wine. You will also receive a special ticket to take a trip thru the "Chocolate Bar". You'll also be able to immerse yourself within the beautiful Van Gogh exhibit while enjoying the festival!

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Vendor Registration

Wineries, Distilleries, Craft Beer and Cideries

If you are a winery, distillery, cidery or brewery and wish to participate, please download and fill out the registration form. This event will be licensed as a New York State Farm Market so sampling and bottle sales will be allowed.

Download Form

Food Vendors/Chocolatiers

If you produce/sell chocolate, baked goods jerky, small snacks or other food items, please use this form. This event will be licensed as a New York Farm Market. We encourage all vendors to sample and sell their products.

Download Form

Crafters and Artisans

If you make hand crafted items at home such as jewelry, candles, decorative items, home decor or other handmade products, please use this form. You will be encouraged to sell your products!

Download Form

Merchandise Vendors

If you sell products that are not hand made or crafted, such as purses, clothing, candles, direct sales products, lotions, oils, products for the home or body, etc....please use this form.

Download Form

Credit Card Payment Form

Please use this form for payment if you are using a credit card. Otherwise please send in a check or money order. Please see form for details.

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Sponsors/Corporate Exhibitors

If you are a corporate sponsor or exhibitor, please contact Kim Allen at or 315-471-9597 to discuss how we can assist you.